Promotions for Boutiques

Published: 13th April 2011
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Promotions can help you to keep customers interested, informed and coming back again and again. Having regular promotions can be as important as what you carry. Influencing your customers in a positive way is a great way to increase your popularity and your sales. Interesting displays will help to lead your customers to the products that you want them to see while enticing them to make a purchase. The better your visual displays look, the more likely people are to buy something and return again.

Creating an effective visual display means convincing customers that you care enough to have quality products that are fully stocked and easy to shop through. People are put at ease when they can see that you have plenty of inventory and sizes, increasing their chances at finding something that they would like. Boutiques are in a unique position of having limitless creative licensing to make some really eye catching displays. The better you become at reading the needs and wants of your customers, the better you will be at creating these types of high impact displays.

Great displays are the easiest way to draw attention to your promotions. People want to feel like they’re getting a good deal on a high quality product. When they shop in boutiques, they are hoping to find products that are as unique as they are attractive. Pointing out the products that you have by promoting them effectively will help your customers to have the shopping experience that they crave.

Rotate products and retail displays regularly to keep customers interested. You can rotate around holidays, or on a regular calendar schedule. Make sure that you have a few places around your boutique where customers can easily see what your products look like when they are worn or used. Mannequins are most effective, but you can also use other things to display clothing in a three-dimensional way. You can hang things from the ceiling to draw attention to areas deeper into the store, or you can use hanging forms on the fronts of your garment racks or shelves to save space.

Think about color, balance and texture when you set up a promotional display. Try to combine items from around the store to draw attention to your other products while giving the display more depth. Accessorizing the hanging form on a garment rack will get the attention of customers that are more focused on one thing at a time and are not looking around the store. Rotating things around and regularly mixing things up will keep the attention and interest of your customers year round.

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